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News Round-up April 28


News Round-up April 28

Tracker lived up to its name

April 28, 2007, 12.30pm. Talking about Datadots and suchlike, the Brits have some heavy-duty anti-theft technology standing on guard and the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Tracker system has found a stolen car in Warsaw, less than 30 hours after it was taken from the West Midlands, 1800km away.

Tracker uses VHF and GPS technology to pin-point a stolen vehicle, even if it’s hidden in a container or lock-up.

It found the BMW X5 after the owner was duped into handing over its keys. After a trail through France, Belgium and Poland, the thief was arrested at a Polish road block.

Milestone for BMW’s UK engine factory

April 28, 2007, 12.30pm. BMW has just built its one millionth engine at the Hams Hall factory in England.

Within hours of coming off the line, the engine was shipped to the factory in Leipzig to go into a One Series.

Of the million, 925,000 have been built for BMW vehicles and the rest for Minis.

Porsche expands factory to build Panamera

April 28, 2007, 12.30pm. Porsche is expanding its Leipzig factory in preparation for the production of its four-seat Panamera.

The 25,000 square metre expansion joins a new adjacent logistics centre of 23,500 square metres. The Cayenne production line will also be expanded.

Leipzig has been optimised to allow Porsche to build its premium vehicles in relatively small quantities, at a competitive price.

Photo captions: Happy owner with X5 found by Tracker; Worker at BMW's British engine factory; Porsche factory in Leipzig.



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