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New president for MTA


At its annual conference, the Motor Trade Association announced that Rick Murrell, the current Vice President, will be the next President of MTA

Southland based Murrell will begin his term on 5 November, and replaces Phil Bothamley who is standing down as President after a one year term.

"Murrell’s board experience and his current business activities in the service station and new and used car business will stand MTA in good stead as it refocuses its priorities.” said CEO Stephen Matthews.

Matthews also expressed his appreciation of Bothamley’s commitment to the Board including his strong strategic and governance skills.

"Phil has made a significant contribution to MTA both through his leadership and the wealth of knowledge and experience he has brought to the role.

"I thank him for all that he has given to MTA and I know that members have also valued his contribution.”

Newly elected President, Rick Murrell said that it was both a great privilege and an honour to be chosen to head an organisation like MTA.

“As MTA President I’m looking forward to continuing the good work and building on the great foundations set up by the previous President, Board and staff.”

“I am confident that I have the team around me and a new-found drive amongst members to make this a truly successful trade association.”

“The past two years have seen the most difficult economic environment in which most people including the automotive industry have ever operated. The industry has started to show positive signs of growth over the last six to nine months. With a challenging year behind us, I am looking forward to a more optimistic year ahead.”

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