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May 2 News Round-up


May 2 News Round-up

Hyundai breaks ground for Czech factory

May 2, 2007, 9am. Czech and Korean top brass (pictured) donned white gloves to break ground for a 1.1 billion Euro Hyundai factory with the capacity to build 200,000 vehicles a year in 2009, and 300,000 by 2011.

A European manufacturing base has been deemed essential to achieve Hyundai’s long-term sales targets there.

In 2005, Hyundai Motor Europe sold 300,000 units and in 2006, passed 400,000.

First off the line will be the i30 C-Segment five-door hatchback, i30 wagon and a new compact minivan codenamed YN.

Crystal ball view of cars' high-tech future

May 2, 2007, 9am. A car industry poll to see what new technology engineers expect to be in production during the next decade has revealed this top-five:

Active safety systems with radar and cameras that watch for danger.

Credit card-style systems that replace car keys.

Highly refined navigation systems, also with the capability to connect to PDAs and cellular phones.

Wi-fi hook-ups in most vehicles that provide weather, news, and other information.

Data transfer that allows a dealer to troubleshoot for a motorist broken down hundreds of kilometres away.


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