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June 18 News Round-up


June 18 News Round-up

Price is the point of 2WD SX4

June 18, 2007, 3pm. Despite excellent reviews as a good-handling car with great roadholding, the lowest possible price seems to be the most important requirement for a significant number of potential customers for Suzuki’s all-wheel drive SX4.

So the company’s doing what a company’s gotta do and later this month introduces a 2WD version (pictured) with a 1.6 litre engine in manual only and a pricetag of $21,500.

The cheapest all-wheel drive SX4, the 2.0-litre GLX, costs $24,500.

The SX4 is now the company’s best seller after the Swift and would be doing better, had Suzuki NZ  not run into supply problems.

Payout doesn’t mean spend-up at Fieldays

June 18, 2007, 3pm. Car companies at the National Fieldays may have been hoping for strong sales resulting from the big dairy payout, but most reported the event was pretty much business as usual.

“There was strong interest but I think a lot of the sales will come later,” said a Ford representative. “But that’s the way it often is.

"This time, we’ll probably see more interest translated into orders when the payouts start filtering through.”

The Fieldays are always a popular spot for car companies to show their wares, and the pattern was similar on most of the other stands.

With the large number of new or recent utes on the market, manufacturers and aftermarket companies with light commercial products reported steady interest.



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