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July 27, 5pm News Round-up


More than 20,000 Americans have already put down $99 deposits for the Smart ForTwo

Americans think Smart

July 27, 2007. 5pm. More than 20,000 Americans have already put down $99 deposits for the Smart ForTwo, which goes on sale there next year, distributed by the Penske Auto Group.

Over the past nine years, 770,000 ForTwos have been sold worldwide.

Forget better air quality, warns MTA

July 27, 2007, 5pm. Restricting used imports to those that meet selected emissions standards in Japan won’t achieve improved air quality warns the Motor Trade Association (MTA), as debate continues on the controversial Government proposal.

The MTA says the restrictions will cut too deeply into the supply of the “very vehicles needed to progressively update the national fleet.

As a consequence, and directly contrary to Government’s objective, New Zealanders will hold on to their older cars longer.”

The MTA has proposed using the Japanese emission standards, but in a manner that would recognise Japanese tolerances that allow the progressive phasing in of new standards.

Study says hybrids losing appeal

July 27, 2007, 5pm. The numbers of new-vehicle shoppers in the US considering a hybrid has dropped, according to J D Power’s new Alternative Powertrain Study.

It’s put down to buyers becoming “more realistic about the fuel efficiency capabilities of hybrids”. Now in its second year, the study examines reasons why shoppers consider or avoid alternative powertrain vehicles.


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