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Jeep brand not for sale says Chrysler


Chrysler boss, Tom LaSorda, has branded as “absolutely false” suggestions that the troubled US carmaker plans to sell Jeep

Rumours that Chrysler would sell Jeep or other brands have circulated since the company sought and gained a US government bailout.

“Chrysler will not separate the brands from the company,” LaSorda told reporters this week, also refuting suggestions that Chrysler plans to sell tooling and other production equipment.

However, he said offers to buy old and disused tooling would be welcomed. “We have not seen any formal proposals from the Japanese, Chinese or Koreans, although we would consider selling or licensing older assets if they’re interested,” US reports quoted him as saying. “We’ve been on the record for over a year that we would be selling non-earning assets.”

In any case, under the terms of the bailout, Chrysler isn’t free to sell any part of the company worth more then $US100 million without US government approval.

Doing the rounds at this week’s Detroit motor show were rumours that Renault/Nissan is interested in buying Jeep and that Chinese carmakers have been eyeing it too.

LaSorda says he’s held no talks with Renault, and the only links with Nissan have been in the development of the 2010 Titan pick-up and the Dodge Hornet.

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