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British Motor Show cancelled


The 2010 show has been canned - officials blame the global credit crunch

Britain’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the official body that runs the event, stated in an official release that the “economic downturn and unprecedented challenges facing the auto industry, both in the UK and around the world, have made it impossible for exhibitors to commit to a 2010 event”.

SMMT chief executive Paul Everett said: “The British International Motor Show is the UK’s largest consumer exhibition, hugely popular with the public, and has been attracting increasing numbers of visitors over recent years, making the decision to cancel the 2010 Show an extremely difficult one.

“However, the global credit crunch has placed the automotive sector under unique pressure and has created a level of uncertainty that deters manufacturers from committing to large-scale, international events.”

Over the past several months many major names, including Nissan, Porsche, Volvo, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari, have all revealed plans to pass up several international motor shows this year. The situation was getting so bad that many of these brands skipped January's Detroit Auto Show and almost led to this year’s Tokyo Auto Show being canned due to low particpation rates.

It is not clear when the show will be reorganised.

Everitt said: "When the economic situation improves we will be back, but the truth is that nobody knows when that will be. If there is an upturn in the next six months as sharp as the downturn has been in the past six months, then 2011 is possible. Realistically, though, it's a date beyond that."

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