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Brilliance not ready to shine in America


Chinese carmakers’ plans to sell vehicles in the United States are on hold – for an indefinite period

Chinese company, Brilliance Automotive, says engineering work needed to make its cars suitable for the American market has led to it shelving plans to start selling there this year.

Brilliance has a strong presence at the current Detroit motor show, with a display designed to gauge US consumers’ and dealers’ reaction to its cars.

Company vice chairman, He Guochua (pictured), says the Brilliance now has an indefinite timetable for entering the US market.

"We decided that if we couldn't make a good product for the United States market, then we wouldn't come," Guochua told US magazine, Automotive News.

Brilliance is establishing itself in several markets outside China and last year exported 23,000 cars, mostly to Asia, Egypt and Europe.

Auto Trader New Zealand