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April 4 News Round-up


April 4 News Round-up

Volvo eyes ‘considerate’ car

April 4, 2007, 11.15am. Volvo says one of the greatest technical challenges is the interface between driver and car and its engineers (pictured) are giving priority to developing an Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS).

Its job is to prevent inconsequential events from distracting the driver.

For example, a warning about a low washer fluid should not come in the midst of a difficult turn.

“The cars will be given human traits,” says Volvo.

“They will know what is important and unimportant, and they will provide information at suitable times.”

Bikes still shine in LTNZ tally

April 4, 2007, 11.15am. The LTNZ says 300,437 vehicles were registered last year, down just over nine percent on the previous year’s total.

The tally comes in its annual report on motor vehicle registration statistics, just out.

Cars comprised 206,084, down from 235,666 a year earlier and trucks added another 33,965, down from 38,086.

Motorbikes again reversed the trend. Over 60cc models rose by almost 22 percent to 10,973 and the lower-powered group up just over nine percent to 6237.

Buses, trailers, tractors, caravans and “miscellaneous” made up the rest of the total.

The report found that the average age for cars is 12.10 years, and 12.71 years for trucks.

Toyota was the top make in new, used import and commercial sales, followed in each category by Nissan.




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