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SAFE TRADING – Please read for your own benefit and safety. We really appreciate your business on our site. By reading the following you can ensure that nobody will try to scam you by claiming they are representing our website.

Some customers have recently been targeted with a hoax email an example of which is shown below.

Auto Trader will never send you an e-mail requesting you to update your account by providing your credit card details. If you do receive such an e-mail ignore and delete immediately.

Trade Safely - some known scams

While we run suspect trader processes and work with the police with our database, you should always be aware of the too good to be true ad.

Do not put monies into any non NZ bank accounts. Don't ever give your personal details out over email.

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What if I think I may have already given out personal details?
Change your password and contact us immediately on 0800 872 337.

Where can I find more information on keeping my computer safe?
Microsoft has a comprehensive site dedicated to your ‘security at home’
Consumer Affairs have a Scamwatch site at

Example hoax email:
Example Scam Email

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