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Industry Insight - Unique Numbers


Late last year, AutoTrader introduced a number of initiatives to connect dealers with consumers.

Market research was telling us that consumers wanted to talk to dealers, and vice versa. Initial visitors to your stock would have to, at some time or another, talk to you in order to make the sale.

More and more people are moving towards sourcing all their internet information via tablets and smartphones. These customers are more likely to hit a button on their cell phone to call a business rather than type an email message on a tiny touch-screen keyboard.

So why not just immediately direct them to your phone number via an ad?

Encouraging calls can also bring in a stream of customers who are reluctant to do any business online. They’ve heard too many horror stories about scam artists on the internet, or they are reluctant to give out any personal information, such as an email address or phone number, through a website and risk getting spammed or receiving annoying telephone calls.

With the introduction of unique numbers, AutoTrader account managers have been able to work with dealerships on the management of calls and the productivity of these calls to the yard. In the 10 months since their introduction, unanswered yard calls have decreased by 8%. This is a huge improvement, as maximising every enquiry is imperative to the success of our businesses.

Salespeople have also engaged customers on the phone for longer periods, adding 27sec to the average call time in the last 10 months. dealers now get the benefit of a premium reporting and tracking tool at our cost, maximising your return on investment and helping to convert sales through market and consumer trends.

Key benefits:
* Track trends in your market
* Works with your existing phone system
* Improve your conversion of leads to sales
* Learn how many calls are being missed or left on hold
* Use call recordings to significantly boost customer service levels
* Missed call info given to dealers to follow up to maximise enquiries

Over the coming months, I look forward to sharing insights into market surveys, consumer habits and the ever-changing trends of our consumers.

Terry Williams King

Auto Trader New Zealand