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A good car buying experience over the Christmas holidays.


As we draw closer to the Christmas break, and fall into holiday mode. Here's a few reminders as to what makes a good car buying experience and promote good customer service.

The research was gathered both independently and through the ACP research team, surveying car buyers and enthusiasts, both male and female. Below is a snippet of some of the findings from the surveys and focus groups which give a bit of insight and information about the New Zealand car buyer.

* 72% of buyers felt the dealer did not engage with them enough when making an enquiry over the phone. They felt the questions asked were not relative to their needs.

* A question not asked often enough is “what do you drive at the time of enquiry?”

- 68% of buyers are brand loyal.

- Over 60% of surveyed buyers also focus heavily on price, fuel economy, reliability and brand reputation.

* 68% of respondents enjoy the car buying process, with 75% actually liking to visit the dealership.

A good experience went a long way to securing the customer over the buying process.

- On average, the car buying process takes 3.3 months – males: 3.5 months; females: 3.2 months.

* 76% of females feel car dealers/marketers underestimate the influence they have over the car buying process.

- Females have 97% influence on the car they purchase and 79% interest in their partner’s car.

Over the next few months, we will share more information with you to help you market your cars and business in the right way, enabling you and your staff to engage closely with what the end consumer considers most important. If you would like more detailed information on the recent surveys, please contact me – email Terry

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