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Rare Bolwell for auction in Oz


One of the most beautiful cars ever designed and built in Australia, a Bolwell Nagari fitted with a 5.7-litre V8, will be auctioned at the Melbourne Motor Show.

February 21, 2007. A rare Australian-designed and built Bolwell Nagari V8 coupe will be auctioned at the Melbourne International Motor Show on March 12.

Designed and built by Melbourne brothers Graeme, Campbell and Winston Bolwell, the fibreglass Bolwell Mk VIII Nagari is regarded as perhaps the best of all the Australian sports cars of its era, yet few of the 127 coupes made in the early 1970s survive in original condition.

However news that fibreglass fabricator Bolwell is developing a new Nagari, has rekindled interest in the marque and added collectable value to the first factory-assembled Mk VIII models.

Unlike the first Bolwells of the 1960s that were designed to be kit cars and fitted with first Ford Cortina and then Holden engines, the Nagari was built as a factory turn-key vehicle, with its body formed from a single mould.

It initially came fitted with Ford’s 302-cid V8 power plant and Toploader gearbox.

However the Nagari was also available with Ford’s more powerful 351-cid V8 from the Falcon GT, making it a bone fide supercar.

The Nagari being auctioned at the motor show by Shannons is one of the very rare and original factory-assembled big-engined Bolwells and is fitted with a Ford 351-cid Cleveland unit with a four-speed Toploader gearbox and Ford nine-inch diff and axle assembly.

Sold new to a Canberra enthusiast in 1972, the Bolwell spent most of its life in the ACT before moving to Sydney and finally to the South Coast of New South Wales with its current owner.

The car retains its original – and now hard to replace – factory alloy wheels and leather steering wheel and is said to be in excellent mechanical condition.

It was repainted, re-upholstered and re-wired approximately four years ago and is currently registered in New South Wales.

Because of its top condition and increasing collector car status, Shannons is quoting a guiding price range of $Au58,000 to $60,000 for the Nagari.



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