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Historic Lamborghini chassis being restored


American specialists are rebuilding the Miura chassis Lamborghini showed at the Turin Salon in 1965.

An American enthusiast has bought and is restoring the Miura chassis that Lamborghini built specially for the 1965 Turin Salon motor show.

Gian Paolo Dallara designed the chassis for the ground-breaking transverse mid-mounted V12-powered Miura.

Lamborghini’s original Cyprus agent, Marios Kritikos, has stored the show chassis for the past 30 years after buying it during a Lamborghini factory visit in 1977 and taking it home in April1978.

The Miura chassis’ re-emergence is regarded as one of the most important Lamborghini discoveries in recent years.

Lamborghini expert Gary Bobileff is restoring the chassis which will go on show in America next year.

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