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1974 Ford Falcon GT


Aussie muscle unspoilt after 34 years

This 1974 Ford Falcon XB GT is the epitome of an Australian muscle car.

It was first registered here in November 1974 and belongs to the third generation Falcons.

All models from the 1972 XA series onwards were designed and built in Australia, although for a few years there were still significant American styling cues, including echoes of the Mustang.

When the XA Falcon arrived in the early 1970s, it brought with it a new hard top coupe model and a unique range of colours such as wild plum and purple.

Those colours were frequently ordered with black or white upholstery, creating a distinct and striking car.

In 1973, the XB arrived.

There weren’t many changes from the XA, apart from the introduction of a panel van, and the 170bhp six engine was dropped.

One of the biggest changes was the introduction of a multi-function control stalk for indicators, high beam and horn.

Our featured car has a steel-sliding sun-roof, which was optional on the 1974 model, making this particular car quite rare.

Owner Darren says the only feature that isn’t straight from 1974 is the brand new emerald green paint job.

Untouched features include the original black licence plates and flawless interior, which make it a genuine and complete example of an unspoiled classic.

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