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Car Safety Tips


Trade safely

Any email enquiry from Autotrader is vetted and approved before being passed onto you. Should you not wish to use a personal email address, ask the buyer to send an enquiry through your listing on Autotrader.
  • Beware of using mobile phone numbers, they are targeted by text scammers. (For example: if you receive a text from a four digit number - it is highly likely to be from a scammer rather than a legitimate buyer!)
  • Do not give your personal details out over mobile until you are satisfied that they are a legitimate buyer.
  • Do not pass out your email address if requested by a potential buyer via mobile. It's best to keep communication by either phone or text.
  • We do not endorse the use of Paypal
  • We will not send you an email confirming a completed sale
  • If you have any suspicions about a buyer or seller call 0800 800 146 or email


It is essential for you to trust the seller – and be sure the car is genuine – before parting with any money, even a small deposit.

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