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MIA supports immobilisers


March 6, 2007. Motor Industry Association head Perry Kerr is the latest to favour immobilisers over Datadot technology as a widespread theft deterrent.

Applying Datadot technology to every vehicle arriving in New Zealand was proposed by Cabinet in two years ago but has been widely criticised.

According to Kerr, electronic immobilisers better protect cars against opportunist joyriders who take 80 percent of stolen vehicles.

“Immobilisers are standard on most new vehicles on the local market,” Kerr says. “We’re absolutely confident that if an age breakdown of stolen vehicles was available it would show, as it does in Australia, that it’s the older vehicles, not fitted with immobilisers, which continue to get stolen.”

Kerr says, “there is no doubt that Datadot technology is an effective deterrent for certain high performance and specialised models destined to be broken up and sold for parts.”

Many distributors of these cars, including Subaru {pictured) are already using Datadots.

Auto Trader New Zealand